Who We Are

At printerfact.com, we provide real-world advice and inspiration to help you create the house of your dreams. The Spruce can teach you how to do anything, from design and gardening guidance to entertaining and home repair instructions.

Every month, we assist more than 32 million customers in finding the knowledge they require to retile their bathrooms, modernize their interior design, expand their gardens, or just complete a list of tasks.

Advisory Boards

We are aware that it might be challenging to locate reliable guidance online because there is a wealth of false information and personal opinions presented as facts. Our mission is to give you well-researched, fact-checked information so you can maintain the best possible condition for your house and garden.

The Evaluation Process

A badge might be shown in some of our content. The emblem denotes that a board member has carefully gone over and revised the article to ensure that the material is both accurate and current.

Editorial Standards

The integrity of our content is something we at printerfact.com are very proud of. We adhere to our own editorial policy, which directs us in producing unique, accurate, and educational information free from ethical qualms or conflicts. We want to offer the best human-produced content made specifically for humans. Using AI authoring tools like ChatGPT to post automatically created content is against our policies.

Checking fact

A crucial layer of scrutiny is provided by printerfact.com’s staff of knowledgeable fact-checkers to guarantee the integrity of the content. This team of experts is chosen and examined for their subject matter and journalistic knowledge. They are entrusted with conducting thorough research on every factual assertion to guarantee that the news and data contained in our stories are correct and complete and that statistics are current. A “fact check” emblem and the fact checker’s name will be visible at the top of the page near the author of articles that have undergone formal fact-checking.