Toybox 3D Printer Review – 3 Best Things You Should Know

Toybox 3D Printer Review - 3 Best Things You Should Know
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Toybox 3D Printer review - Introducing the latest innovation in the world of 3D printing - the Toybox 3D Printer. This cutting-edge device has taken the market by storm, captivating the imagination of both professionals and hobbyists alike. With its sleek design and advanced features, the Toybox 3D Printer promises to revolutionize the way we create and bring our ideas to life. In this review blog post, will help you explore the key aspects of the Toybox 3D Printer, diving into its functionality, performance, and overall user experience. So, fasten your seatbelts and get ready to embark on an exciting journey into the world of 3D printing with the Toybox 3D Printer review!

1. Toybox 3D Printer Review

Toybox 3D Printer Review
Toybox 3D Printer Review (Toybox 3D Printer Review - 3 Best Things You Should Know)
As a model intended for kids, the Toybox 3D Printer performs admirably, providing dependable printing from a browser or mobile device, the ability to print a few thousand toys, as well as imaginative choices for producing drawings or images. Just remember the limited construction space. The Toybox 3D Printer, a kid-friendly, low-cost 3D printer, lives up to its name by producing a ton of little toys with ease. (It costs $329 when purchased outright; we tested the $389 Deluxe package detailed below.) From an iOS, Android, or web browser, it enables dependable one-touch printing of straightforward items with good print quality and no misprints throughout our testing. You may import 3D files made elsewhere or pick from more than 2,000 printed objects or projects in The Toybox. Even drawing items for printing is possible. Its most significant flaw is its small print area, however it is not a limiting issue for printing items from the Toybox catalog. This uncommon 3D printer wins an Editors' Choice award for basic low-cost 3D printing because it is more failsafe than most. Additionally, the packages have been offered directly from Toybox at steep discounts. If you are interested in similar topics, you can also refer to Pantum Printer Reviews: A Comprehensive Guide for Prospective Buyers.

2. Toybox 3D Printer Review - The Interface's Navigation

Toybox 3D Printer Review - The Filament And The Print Bed.
Toybox 3D Printer Review - The Filament And The Print Bed. (Toybox 3D Printer Review - 3 Best Things You Should Know)
On an iPhone 11 Pro, I evaluated the Toybox app. You may launch prints from the Toybox website on your browser after entering your account details, or you can use an iPhone or an Android device. You have a number of options provided at the bottom of the Toybox app's screen. The default option, Explore, enables you to explore or search the Toybox library for individual toys or collections. It provides you with an expected print job length for each in terms of minutes. You can learn a little bit about a toy's maker and the item by tapping it. The print job is started when you click the Print Me button. That's how easy it is. You have a variety of options for things to do in the "Creator Space" when you choose the Create option. For instance, under Apps, you may construct printable human figurines called Block Buddies by choosing their skin tone, hair color, facial traits, and different clothing options. You finish by naming your Block Buddy and save it. Every time you open the app, your Block Buddies will be visible. You may see a list of the parts you need to print for a Block Buddy by tapping on it in the app, which will then take you to its description. The components may be printed in their entirety in one color, then you can change filament spools, print further pieces in a different color, and so on until all of the parts have been printed. you may put them back together after that. The Build a Car app operates in a similar manner, allowing you to create a car and add features and color. You may draw or design anything under Draw, then print it in three dimensions. You may import a photo for 3D printing using the Picture function, another capability. Of course, a 3D picture created from a single, two-dimensional photo can never be totally accurate, but Toybox comes close. Very cool.

3. Toybox 3D Printer Review - The Filament And The Print Bed.

Toybox 3D Printer Review - The Interface's Navigation
Toybox 3D Printer Review - The Interface's Navigation (Toybox 3D Printer Review - 3 Best Things You Should Know)
The print bed in the Toybox shouldn't need leveling as I never done so when using it. You turn a screw on the rear of the build platform with an Allen key if the printer needs to be calibrated, which the troubleshooting part of Toybox's Help resources explains as being beneficial in a number of circumstances. The Toybox makes it incredibly simple to remove a created object off the print bed, a common cause of frustration with 3D printers. The print platform's magnetic attachment to the bed allows you to remove the bed from the printer with the object remaining on it. The thing then easily comes off when you gently stretch the bed once or twice. You may start printing once again after moving the print bed back to the platform. The Toybox only supports PLA as its printing material, which is appropriate for a printer intended for children. It is secure—neither the printed items nor any (slight) fumes that may be released when printing are harmful—and rather simple to use. Standard PLA half-pound spools come in a range of colors, and Toybox offers them for $10 apiece. Specialty filaments, including gloss and glitter variations, cost $14 each. The cost is reasonable; for instance, MakerBot charges $19 for half-pound standard spools for their Replicator printers, though you can get them from stores for a little less money.


In conclusion, the ToyBox 3D printer is an impressive device that brings creativity and innovation right to your fingertips. With its user-friendly design and extensive library of pre-designed toys, it offers a seamless and enjoyable experience for both children and adults alike. The printer's compact size and wireless capabilities make it convenient to use in any setting. Additionally, its safety features ensure worry-free printing for parents and educators. Overall, the ToyBox 3D printer is a fantastic tool for unleashing imagination and exploring the world of 3D printing.

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